The Movement


Movements have been known to change perceptions, lives and history. When it comes to music, DeTórris Marshall & The Movement does nothing less. Comprised of 32 extremely talented singers from diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, DeTórris Marshall & The Movement has come together to create one dynamic, one-of-a-kind sound. As mentees of music mogul Donald Lawrence, DeTórris Marshall & The Movement has arrived, and they are determined to take inspirational music out of the box that it has long been in and to present it in a fresher, unconventional way. By fusing the sounds of R&B, inspirational, soul and many other types of music, DeTórris Marshall & The Movement is the epitome of versatility. They have pioneered their own genre of music that is edgy, fearless and a breath of fresh air. This charismatic array can serenade, uplift, and inspire all in the course of one performance. DeTórris Marshall & The Movement unifies and empowers their listeners through the undeniable power of music. They will captivate you. They will incite. But most of all, they will move you.





The mission of The Movement is to advance music education by encouraging the study and production of music by all races, creeds, colors and nationalities. Through community service, performances, workshops, outreach and scholarships the organization celebrates and preserves music expression, imagination and creativity to allow everyone the opportunity to learn and share their artistic cultural experiences.